Ahrtal Yoga
Laurence O'Toole

Benefits of the Asanas and Pranayama

In ancient India the asanas and pranayama were practiced by the rishis (wise ones because it was recognized that by mindfully performing precise poses and breathing control helped bring discipline and control over the body and mind and prepare it for deep concentration and meditation. The beneficial side effect of such practice is the promotion of good health.

In contemporary society the benefits Hatha Yoga and health well advertised.

Physically it promotes the harmonious integrated functioning of body that facilities better health, the balancing of strength and flexibility, cell degeneration can also be slowed down and the immune system strengthened.

Asanas and pranayama can also be adapted to help a number of medical conditions

The integration of alignment, extension, direction and co ordination of movement with breath are fundamental in this process.

Psychologically, a regular balanced practice encourages self-discipline, self -confidence and courage. It can also over time diminish tendencies of restlessness and over activity of the mind.

Incorrect practice or overworking in asanas and pranayama can lead to injury. Correct alignment, extension and balance should always be observed.

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