Ahrtal Yoga
Laurence O'Toole

Forms of Yoga

To illustrate the diversity and wide range of Yoga it would be appropriate to look at the wheel of a bicycle. The outer part of the wheel, the rim is supported to the hub by a network of spokes. Now imagine that the hub is the Divine Conscious, God, the Creator and the rim is the ordinary human consciousness, the created, at many different stages of development. Thus it has come about that the Divine Consciousness has inspired man with so many different pathways. What is applicable to one person many not suit the temperament or cultural disposition of another. Given this one realizes that the essence of all true religions are completely valid and the importance of tolerance.

Below is a brief summary of some of the forms of yoga.

Raja Yoga: The “Royal” Path of yoga based on meditation.

Hatha Yoga: Yoga of action, based on poses (asanas), and breath control techniques (pranayama). There are many different types of Hatha Yoga being taught.

Karma Yoga: The Yoga of performing good action and deeds. Altruism, the putting of the welfare of others before one’s own welfare.

Bhakti Yoga: The practice of Love and Devotion in life. A core element in true Christianity and Buddhism.

Jnana Yoga: Based on the study of Self and of true religious scriptures.

Mantra Yoga: Chanting or repetition of certain words or devotional songs done either aloud or silently.

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